The Maduro government has issued arrest warrants for several members of Juan Guaido’s cabinet, including three high-profile representatives abroad. Carlos Vecchio and Vanessa Neumann are included in the list, and they represent the opposition faction in the United States and the United Kingdom. Julio Borges, who plays akin to a Minister of Foreign Affairs for the opposition, also has an arrest warrant against him. All three individuals live outside of Venezuela.

The opposition issued a statement through Borges’ office on the arrest warrants, part of which reads:

These [arrest warrants] from the Maduro regime come as a response to our interim government’s continued efforts abroad to preserve the assets and the interests of the country, and in particular with respect to the gold deposited in the Bank of England.

Just yesterday, a UK court ruled that it would not hand over approximately $1 billion in Venezuelan gold that is stored in the Bank of England vaults to Maduro, because the UK recognizes Guaido as the country’s legitimate leader.

Neumann praised the court’s verdict, saying:

It is a victory for the Venezuelan people and rule of law and demonstrates the importance of separation of powers (…) The gold is where it has always been, in the [Bank of England]. It is Maduro who sought to remove it and we have protected it for the people.

264 New COVID-19 Cases, 2 New Deaths

The number of new COVID-19 cases in Venezuela rose by 264 over the past day, bringing the total in the country since the outbreak began to 6,537 confirmed cases. The news came via the government’s daily COVID-19 update, which also revealed two additional fatalities from the disease for a total of 59 confirmed deaths.

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