A video showing a National Guard soldier violently attempting to handcuff a woman in Barquisimeto state made headlines last night and all through the day today.

The video, which was filmed yesterday, show a lawyer named Eva Leal on the floor while a National Guard soldier struggles with her. The soldier seems intent on handcuffing the woman.

According to local media, the attack began when she started filming the soldiers after they asked her for a bribe to let her through a roadblock.

Below, the video:

Leal was taken to a local National Guard installation where she is being held.

Minister of Defense Reacts to USS Nitze Operation

Minister of Defense Vladimir Padrino Lopez reacted publicly today to a “freedom of navigation” operation conducted yesterday by the USS Nitze, a US warship that sailed in waters close to Venezuela yesterday to “contest” Venezuelan claims over the area. In a press release, the US Southern Command argued that the area through which USS Nitze sailed constitutes international waters.

Padrino Lopez responded to the US operation on state-owned television, saying:

Don’t you dare sail on our waters, [or] carry out military operations at sea because you will receive an overwhelming response from the National Bolivarian Armed Forces.

The USS Nitze sailed away from the area yesterday without incident.

179 New COVID-19 Cases

The government announced this evening that there were 179 new cases of COVID-19 registered in the country since yesterday, including three deaths. Since the outbreak began in March, there have been 4,366 confirmed cases of the disease in the country.

The three deaths bring the total of official fatalities from the disease to 38.

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