JJ Rendon and Sergio Vergara, the two opposition figures whose signatures appear on a contract published by the Washington Post on May 6, have both resigned from their positions. The were Guaido’s commissioners for general strategy and crisis management, respectively.

Vergara shared his resignation letter online, which you can read here:

Some of the points that Vergara mentions in the letter:

  • The opposition and Silvercorp USA did engage in talks, but the two sides broke off talks on November 8 2019 after the opposition told the company that it was “impossible to continue” their relationship.
  • He did not know that Cilver Alcala was part of the operation.
  • The opposition did not know about “Operacion Gedeon”, or that it was going to go ahead.

JJ Rendon’s letter is lengthier and more vague, and does not address directly the agreement with Silvercorp USA. The letter does include this section:

It was never our Commission’s [for general strategy and crisis management] nor that of any of its members to participate in violent activities, much less illegal ones involving individuals wanted by the law in several countries. The manipulation and misrepresentation of preliminary documents that has been carried out is a crass manipulation mounted by the [Maduro] regime to weave a narrative to give itself breathing room…

The official opposition press portal confirmed the pair’s resignation with a brief message, part of which reads:

President (elect) Juan Guaido has accepted the resignations of the two officials and has thanked from for their dedication and commitment to Venezuela.

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