Maduro announced today that he was extending the “State of Alarm” for another 30 days, effectively extending the national quarantine due to COVID-19 during that time. While making the announcement, Maduro chastised business owners whom he claims had disobeyed the quarantine order in recent days. Maduro said:

What’s all this about opening up bars, clubs, liquor stores, and restaurants? None of that is vital. They should remain under quarantine. Restaurants can still make food, but only for delivery.

Maduro announcement came as the government said that there had only been one additional case of the virus detected in the country in the last 24 hours.

Article 338 of the Venezuelan Constitution outlines when a “state of alarm” can be decreed. The article says that the declaration can be made following “catastrophes, public calamities or other similar events” that “seriously threaten” the country and its citizens.

The announcement from Maduro comes on the same day that the Instituto Nacional de Aeronautica Civil (National Civil Aviation Institute, INAC) announced that it was extending an order restricting flights in the country for another 30 days. The order, which has been in effect since mid-march, bans all flights in the country except cargo and mail flights, commercial overflights, and flights conducting emergency landings, among others.

FPV Tallies 363 Political Prisoners in Venezuela

The Foro Penal Venezolano (Venezuelan Penal Forum, FPV) announced today that it had tallied 363 prisoners in regime jails. The FPV keeps regular tabs on the number of political prisoners in the country.

According to the FPV, some of the demographics of the prisoners are:

  • 341 men / 22 women
  • 234 civilian / 128 soldiers
  • 261 adults / 2 youths

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