The Maduro government provided its daily COVID-19 update this afternoon, announcing that two individuals had died from the decease. The two deaths bring the total number of fatalities since the outbreak began to five, and the total number of cases to 146.

Vice President Delcy Rodriguez, who heads the government’s COVID-19 task force, said that one of the deceased was a 64 year old man who was infected by his son, while the other was a 63 year old woman.

Rodriguez also said that of the country’s ongoing cases, five are in intensive care.

NGO Asks Government for More Data, Transparency

Transparencia Venezuela [Transparency Venezuela, TV] released a statement today calling on the Venezuela government to provide more data during its daily COVID-19 briefings, and to be more transparent about the spread of the outbreak in the country.

In its statement, TV argues that there are “many gaps” in the data provided by the Maduro regime, and that these gaps are “preventing people from knowing the true extent” of the outbreak in the country. In order to remedy this situation, TV provided a list of information that it considers vital to understanding the COVID-19 outbreak in Venezuela, and that therefore the government should be providing regular updates with this information.

The data that TV would like to see includes the following:

  • How many tests are being performed each day?
  • Knowing that there are [different methods for testing], which test is being used [in Venezuela]?
  • How many samples are you receiving each day, how many are processed each day, how many of those cases are reported and to whom?
  • How many doctors, nurses, technicians and personnel are currently engaged in the pandemic response?
  • When will you release a list by parish and municipality indicting where people should go to receive testing if they are showing symptoms?

The full text of the TV statement, along with the full list of questions that it poses to the government, can be found here.

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