The White House announced today that it was launching a massive drug interdiction operation in the Caribbean targeting alleged Venezuelan operations. The operation will involve the deployment of U.S. naval assets to the region “including vessels, aircraft and personnel.” 

According to the Associated Press (AP):

The deployment is one of the largest U.S. military operations in the region since the 1989 invasion of Panama to remove Gen. Manuel Noriega from power and bring him to the U.S. to face drug charges. It involves assets like Navy warships, AWACS surveillance aircraft and on-ground special forces seldom seen before in the region.

The announcement came from president Donald Trump who was joined during a press conference this afternoon by military officials, as well as by Defense Secretary Mark Esper. According The National Post:

“Corrupt actors, like the illegitimate Maduro regime in Venezuela, rely on the profits derived from the sale of narcotics to maintain their oppressive hold on power,” Esper said. “The Venezuelan people continue to suffer tremendously due to Maduro’s criminal control over the country.”

Today’s announcement follows the indictment last week of Maduro and other high-ranking regime officials for drug trafficking.

Regime Announces One More Confirmed COVID-19 Case

Minister of Communication Jorge Rodriguez announced today that the country’s authorities had detected one new case of COVID-19 in the country, bringing the total since the outbreak began to 144.

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