Spain’s El Mundo published a set of images today taken of the bodies of Oscar Perez and some of his companions, all of whom died on January 15 of last year during a government raid on their hideout.

The images show the lifeless bodies of three of Perez’s companions: Abraham Agostini, Lisbeth Ramirez, and Jairo Lugo. All three have bullet injuries to their heads. The images show that Jairo was shot in the forehead above his left eye, Ramirez on the bridge of the nose between her eyes, and Lugo in the right temple.

Perez captured the attention of the country when he hijacked a police helicopter in June of 2017 in a failed attempt to launch an insurrection against the Maduro regime. For the next seven months, Perez and a small band of companions periodically surfaced from hiding, and continued to call for a generalized uprising against Maduro.

Perez and his companions were found in a hideout just west of Caracas on January 15, 2018. Dozens of police officers and soldiers surrounded the house and eventually reduced it to rubble, killing Perez and his six companions.

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