Opposition leader Juan Guaido has named National Assembly deputy Miguel Pizarro has his government’s representative to the United Nations, just ahead of the organization’s 74th General Assembly. The move is yet another front in the fracturing of the Venezuelan state, which also has opposing supreme courts and parliaments.

In his announcement, Guaido said that Pizarro had the

… mandate to form agreements with the world’s principal leaders in order to increase pressure against the [Maduro] dictatorship and support the people of Venezuela in the grave crisis from which our country suffers.

Guaido said that the specific points of Pizarro’s agenda at the General Assembly meeting include the following:

  • Meeting with the Lima Group
  • Meeting with the European Union’s International Contact Group
  • Meeting with Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance governments

Pizarro heads a delegation to the UN that also includes Julio Borges and Carlos Vecchio.

Tropical Storm Karen Brings Torrential Rain, Flooding

Tropical storm Karen’s torrential rain have caused flooding in La Guaira (formerly Vargas) state and placed 12 others in a state of alert, according to reports from the ground and Venezuela’s meteorological service.

According to the Instituto Nacional de Meteorologia (National Meteorology Institute, INAME), the storm was located at approximately 130 kilometers north of Sucre state and had sustained winds of 65 kilometers per hour. INAME said that residents in the following state could experience heavy rainfall and strong winds as the storm glances Venezuela over the next few hours:

  • Sucre
  • Nueva Esparta
  • Delta Amacuro
  • Monagas
  • Anzoategui
  • Guarico
  • Bolivar
  • La Guaira
  • Miranda
  • Distrito Capital
  • Aragua
  • Carabobo

The states contain the largest some of the largest and densest population centres in all of Venezuela.

Streets Flooded in La Guaira State

Twitter users have been taking to Twitter over the past 24 hours to share images of tropical storm Karen’s effects on the state.

Below, some of the videos of the flooding:

More flooded streets in La Guaira:

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