Representatives from the Lima Group and the United States held a meeting today in New York City where they discussed the ongoing situation in Venezuela, and reiterated their support for the country’s opposition in its struggle against the Maduro regime. The meeting took place under the umbrella of the United Nations General Assembly, which is taking place in the city this week.

During the meeting, the Lima Group agreed to continue to explore ways of putting pressure on the Maduro regime “without the use of force”, and chastised it for “blocking” negotiations that might result in a lasting, peaceful resolution to the crisis. In its resolution, the Lima Group also reiterated its support for Juan Guaido and the Venezuelan opposition, which it continues to stress are the “legitimate” authorities in the country.

According to the resolution, there are approximately 4.3 million Venezuelans living abroad having fled the crisis in the country, a fact that the Lima Group called “deeply concerning”.

Saab Says Warrants Issued Over Guaido Border Scandal

Attorney General Tarek William Saab announced today that there are arrest warrants out for four individuals in connection to Guaido’s border crossing scandal. The scandal began after pictures surfaced on social media showing Guaido posing with the alleged leaders of a criminal group that operates in the Venezuela-Colombia border, evidence that the group had helped Guaido sneak into Colombia on February 22 of this year.

According to Saab, the individuals are suspected of “having helped Juan Guaido leave the country”. Three of the individuals work for Tachira state, according to El Universal.

Saab says that the four individuals are accused of having committed “treason against the homeland” for helping Guaido sneak into Colombia.

Russian Planes Arrive in Venezuela

Aircraft spotters have tracked the arrival of two Russian airplanes to Venezuela over the past several hours. One of those spotters is Yoruk Isik, who followed an AN-124 and an IL-64 on their journey from Syria to Caracas in the thread below:

It is not known at this time why the Russian aircraft are in Venezuela.

TIAR Council Approves Resolution on Venezuela

A council meeting of the Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance (TIAR in Spanish) approved a resolution today meant to increase pressure on the Maduro regime.

According to the resolution, the treaty’s member states agree to continue to seek sanctions against Maduro regime officials, and to increase their efforts to detect corruption and other illegal activities carried out by regime officials. Part of the resolution reads:

[The member states agree to] create an operational network made up of financial, public safety and other competent intelligence authorities from TIAR member states with the goal of intensifying judicial and police cooperation to investigate money launder, illegal drug trafficking, terrorism and its financing, and transnational organized crime as practiced by individuals and entities connected to the illegitimate regime of Nicolas Maduro.

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