The Foro Penal Venezolano [Venezuelan Penal Forum, FPV] revealed today that “several” of the 86 political prisoners held in the Ramo Verde military prison outside of Caracas were “severely beaten” over the weekend by their guards.

According to the FPV’s vice president, Gonzalo Himiob, the guards were executing a “very violent and intense search” of the prisoners’ cells when they began to beat the inmates. The officers carrying out the search belong to the Direccion General de Contrainteligencia Militar [General Directorate for Military Counterintelligence, DGCIM], one of the most feared of Maduro’s security services.

Himiob said that the search began at around 11:30 PM on Sunday, and that it ended at 3:00 AM on Sunday.

Duque Asks IACHR To Open Case Against Maduro

Colombian President Ivan Duque announced today that he has formally requested that the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) open a case against Maduro for the “crimes” that his regime has committed in Venezuela since 2013. Duque made the announcement during a meeting of the IACHR in Barranquilla earlier today.

During his speech, Duque said:

What I’m respectfully calling for is that the reports [of human rights abuses] that we know about (…) should be also used by the IACHR so that it can forward them to the International Criminal Court, and ask that they open up a formal investigation to put an end to the crimes that happen daily in Venezuela.

There are currently at least two distinct petitions before the International Criminal Court (ICC) related to the alleged commission of crimes against humanity and other crimes by Maduro regime officials: one launched in February 2018, and the other in September of that same year.

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