Juan Guaido spoke today on rumours that the failed talks between the regime and the opposition might be about to restart, saying that “no date” for the two sides to sit down again. The Norway-backed talks began in May of this year, and came to an end earlier this month when Maduro walked away from the table.

Guaido suggested that instead the opposition would focus on meeting with regional bodies like the ACNUR to tend to the “problems with migration”.

Guaido also called on Venezuelans to take to the streets in protest against the regime this weekend, and warned the authorities that Venezuelans “will not get tired” of demanding the restoration of democracy and the rule of law in the country.

National Assembly Deputy Calls Attention to Amazon Devastation

National Assembly deputy Carlos Valero tweeted a pair of images this morning calling attention to the environmental devastation taking place in the parts of the Amazon forest that are located in Venezuela.

Below, Valero’s tweet along with a translation:

#Aug27 This is the situation in our Amazonas [state], which has been victim to the greatest ecocide ever to happen in #Venezuela.

The regime is responsible for the fact that thousands of kilometers of the Amazon are being destroyed by Russians and the Chinese, who are operating in complicity with the usurpers [the regime].

Maduro has long touted the economic importance of the Arco Minero (roughly, the “Mining Arch”), a region that runs east-west south of the Orinoco river. The mineral-rich region has attracted international attention, including from Russian entities who hope to exploit it for profit.

Given the attention that the Brazilian Amazon has been receiving in recent weeks, some Venezuelan commentators and public figures–like Valero–have attempted to call attention to the plight of the same forest in Venezuela.

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