Juan Guaido has penned an open letter for the leaders of the G7, asking that they take advtange of this weekend’s meeting in France to discuss the Venezuelan crisis.

In the letter, Guaido reminds the G7 that the situation in Venezuela is not confined only to its borders, and that it is being fueled at least partially by regional and world powers throughout the world. Part of the letter reads:

Allies like Russia, China and Cuba continue to maintain military, commercial and political relations [with the Maduro regime], which is worsening the crisis even more.

Guaido also said that he hopes that the G7 will consider coordinating more sanction action against the regime, and that the group would work to “bring an end to the suffering of Venezuelans”.

Regime Blames Opposition Party for Gas Plant Explosion

Yesterday, an explosion rocked a PDVSA-operated gas plant in the Ocumare del Tuy area of Miranda state, approximately 50 kilometers southeast of Caracas.

A video shared on social media showed people running away from the site, some of which was engulfed in flames:

According to Ultimas Noticias, the fire affected a containment tank that had a capacity of 7,000 gallons of gas. The local authorities evacuated 10,000 residents from nearby residential areas as a precaution. The situation at the site was under control by approximately 9:00 PM.

Miranda state governor Hector Rodriguez took to Twitter early this morning to blame the explosion on Primero Justicia (Justice First, PJ), one of the country’s leading opposition parties. Without providing any evidence, Rodriguez simply asserted that the explosion had been caused by sabotage that was “consistent” with PJ’s past “acts”, for which he also provided no evidence:

Our investigations point to sabotage as the cause of the explosion. This coincides with the acts carried out by Primero Justicia to attack public services in the country.

The Maduro regime and its officials will often blame the country’s problems on the opposition and its allies.

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