Juan Guaido was in Carabobo state today, where he spoke at a rally as part of a weekend morale-boosting campaign for the country’s opposition supporters.

A rally planned in the state capital of Valencia looked doubtful as Guaido’s entourage and a sea of supporters were stopped from continuing on their way by a detachment of National Bolivarian Police officers and government supporters. Guaido personally spoke to the officers who were blocking his path, saying:

 Everyone who violates human rights will go to the [International Criminal Court]… those who allow for human rights to be violated are also guilty [of violating human rights], so no se presten para mas pendejadas [roughly, “stop following bullshit orders”].

Guaido also had kind words for the officers, telling them:

God bless you all. You can count [on me to make sure] you get dignified salaries, and one thing is clear: the moment to choose sides has come.

Guaido and his supporters were eventually allowed to continue their rally.

Below, some images from today’s event in Carabobo:

The video below shows Guaido arriving at the rally in Valencia, the state capital:

A video from the crowd waiting for Guaido’s arrival to San Diego, which is adjacent to Valencia:

Apart from rallies, the opposition also carried out a door-to-door campaign to deliver the message directly to Venezuelans around the country. Angel Oropezca, a representative from the Frente Amplio [Wide Front] coalition, said that part of that message included the following assertion:

If there’s no peaceful social and democratic pressure, then we will not be able to get out from under this [regime]. We’ve been applying pressure, but we need more.

Oropezca also said that “thousands” of volunteers are taking part in this weekend’s messaging campaign.

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