The Frente Amplio [Wide Front] (FA), a coalition of opposition political parties and civil society associations, is calling for a pair of nationwide activities this weekend, including a march to the National Assembly in support of Juan Guaido.

During a press conference, the FA said that it would mount a door-to-door campaign over the weekend to ensure that Venezuelans have clear messaging about what the opposition is aiming to achieve in the country. Angel Oropeza, a member of the FA, said:

We are going to be deployed around the country going door-to-door to meet people to remind them where we [the opposition] come from, where we are and where we want to go, and to remind them that we are not alone and that we are making progress.

Oropeza also said that he hoped that the campaign would result on an increase in international pressure against the Maduro regime.

On the opposition’s position in relation to the Maduro regime, Oropeza said:

We are certainly the majority. People on the street know this [as does] the international community. The government knows this. But the goal [this weekend] will be to remind people of this… it’s not enough that we are many. It’s one thing to be many, and another to transform that into an organized force that can exert pressure.

The FA is also calling on Venezuelans to gather at the National Assembly in Caracas tomorrow and Sunday to show their support for Juan Guaido.

Ecuador Shutting Doors to Venezuelan Migrants

Quito is set to implement strict visa requirements for Venezuelans starting on August 26, effectively creating a barrier to entry to many of the thousands of Venezuelans who enter the country each day as part of their escape from the Maduro regime.

According to Al Jazeera: 

About 4,500 Venezuelans have crossed this border daily since Ecuador announced the new visa requirement earlier this month, according to Jorge Pantoja, secretary of public safety for the nearby city of Ipiales. That is up from an average of between 1,800 and 2,200 Venezuelans a day before the announcement, he said.

Up to 7,800 Venezuelans a day could pass through this weekend as Ecuador’s deadline looms, he said.

Ecuador’s via move follows similar measures implemented by Chile and Peru earlier, leaving Colombia to bear much of the brunt of the Venezuelan exodus. The same report:

That flood has prompted Colombia’s migration authority to expand services at the 24-hour border crossing between the two countries to cut down wait times, which can reach beyond 15 hours, so as to decrease the number of Venezuelans forced to spend the nights outside in this chilly city at 2,895-metre elevation, where temperatures after dark often dip to near-four degrees Celsius.

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