Diosdado Cabello, the vice-president of the ruling PSUV party, spoke at a public event in Miranda state this afternoon on a number of topics, including the United States’ stance towards Venezuela.

During the event, Cabello referred to Donald Trump as “irrational”, and referenced comments made by the US president which suggested that the White House might impose “a blockade or quarantine” on Venezuela. On the comments, Cabello said:

Now they’re threatening us with a blockade. They can block the coasts, the sky, and even the earth, but Mr. Donald Trump will never be able to blockade the dignity of a people who never surrender.

As is often the case, Trump provided no details or explanation for his comments on Venezuela.

Cabello said that the United States “continues to be wrong” in its stance on Venezuela, and blamed US sanctions for shortcomings in subsidized housing and healthcare programs. Cabello said:

[If it weren’t for the US sanctions] we wouldn’t have to look for medicine today. If it weren’t for the blockade, the Bolivarian Revolution and our people would be reaching higher levels of happiness.

Cabello did not address the fact that the widespread shortages of food and medicine affecting the country predate the US sanctions by several years.

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