The government of Colombia has announced that it will investigate an alleged incursion into its territory by soldiers from Venezuela’s National Guard.

According to general Jose Luis Palomino, the chief of the Cucuta police department, there are reports that Venezuelan National Guard soldiers entered Colombia in the area of the border city and detained the driver of a truck that was moving along the Tachira river, which acts as the border between the two countries in the area.

General Palomino said that Colombian authorities have been in contact with the Venezuelan National Guard to seek clarification on the event, and that the Venezuelans have been collaborating.

Drone Attack Against Maduro Turns One

One year ago today, Maduro was attacked by two drones carrying explosives while he gave a speech at an event commemorating the anniversary of the National Guard. The event went down in history as the first assassination attempt against a head of state using the arial vehicles.

The attack was caught on a live broadcast from the scene of Maduro’s speech. You can watch the moment that one of the drones exploded and the chaos that ensued here:

In the aftermath of the event, Venezuelan authorities accused 43 people of being involved in the plot, and a total of 25 have already appeared in court.

I helped Bellingcat write an analysis of the event at the time, which you can read here.

Below, some images and videos from today’s event commemorating the anniversary of the National Guard:

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