The government of Norway has issued a statement about the ongoing talks between the Maduro regime and the Venezuelan opposition, saying that the two sides are continuing to “search for solutions”. Part of the statement reads:

“It is positive that the parties continue in their search for solutions for the country and the well-being of the Venezuelan people. I reiterate my gratitude towards the Government of Barbados for their hospitality”, said the Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs Ine Eriksen Søreide.

The talks, which began earlier this year, mark the first dialogue between the two sides to be mediated by a foreign government.

National Assembly deputy and opposition delegation member Stalin Gonzalez tweeted Norway’s statement with a personal note of thanks:

We thank the government of the Kingdom of Norway for their support and help. During this round of talks we stressed our proposal: to bring an end to the suffering of Venezuelans. Adhering to our Constitution [sic].

On the regime side, Minister of Communication Jorge Rodriguez took to television airwaves to say that the government would not abandon the negotiations. At the same time, he attacked the opposition by suggesting that its representatives were “lying on Twitter” in order to sabotage the talks. On the latest round, Rodriguez said:

I think that we’re finding points of possible agreement with the opposition.

Rodriguez also said that the negotiation process has been “very arduous”, and blamed “foreign agents” for trying to bring an end to the talks.

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