Christian Kruger, the head of Colombia’s migration authority, revealed that there were 1.4 million Venezuelans living in the country as of June 30, a jump of 11% from the start of the year. During a press conference, Kruger said:

During the first semester of this year, more than 234,000 Venezuelan citizens looking to escape Maduro’s regime have arrived in our country.

Kruger also said that approximately 1,600 Venezuelans move to Colombia each day, and that he expects that rate to increase “as the situation worsens” in Venezuela.

Colombia hosts the largest population of Venezuelan migrants anywhere in the world. The United Nations International Organization for Migration estimates that 4 million Venezuelans have been forced to flee their homes over the past several fears, calling the scale of the phenomenon “staggering”.

Trump Says He’s Considering “Blockade or Quarantine” of Venezuela

United States president Donald Trump said today that he was considering a “blockade” or “quarantine” of Venezuela.

Speaking to reporters, Trump was asked if he was considering the measure, to which he replied “Yes, I am”, but he did not elaborate on what such measures would look like or when they might be implemented.

Venezuelans Now Earn $3.55 Per Month

According to figures from the Banco Central de Venezuela (Venezuelan Central Bank, BCV), Venezuelans earning the minimum monthly salary are taking home $3.55 with each pay cheque.

The figures came from the currency exchange rates shared by the BCV’s Twitter account yesterday:

The minimum monthly salary in Venezuela is set at Bs. 40,000. Approximately three million public sector workers earn this salary, along with an unknown number of private sector workers.

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