National Assembly deputy Miguel Pizarro spoke out today against recent comments made by Minister of Foreign Affairs Jorge Arreaza in which he denied the latest Venezuelan migrant figures from the United Nations, calling his words irresponsible and bald-faced.

In a tweet published on his official account yesterday, Arreaza said that the statistics from the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (ACNUR) claiming that there were now four million Venezuelan migrants across the globe were deliberately “confusing” and part of an “interventionist” agenda.

On Arreaza’s comments, Pizarro said:

The irresponsibility and brazenness of the usurper [the Maduro regime] knows no bounds. They accuse the UNHCR of lying about the country’s migration figures in a desperate act to try to hide reality.

Pizarro also accused of Arreaza of “profiting” off the suffering of Venezuelans.

Inflation Crisis Appears to Settle as May Figure Hits 31.3%

The country’s inflationary crisis appears to be settling, down from the historic rates that became commonplace throughout all of last year.

According to figures released by the National Assembly’s Finance Committee, the inflation rate for May was 31.3%, while the accumulated rate for the first five months of 2019 was 905.6%.

For reference, the inflation rate for May 2018 was 110.1%, and the inflation rate in the first five months of 20187 was 1,995.2%.

National Assembly deputy and Finance Committee member Angel Alvarado said that they would like to see monthly inflation rates below 50% for at least twelve months to be able to say with confidence that the hyperinflationary crisis in the country has subsided.

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