Maduro gave a televised address this afternoon in which he spoke on a variety of topics, including what he saw as the state of the Venezuelan opposition today. During the address, Maduro launched into a familiar tirade against the opposition, accusing them of “conspiring, looking for violence” and of attempting to overthrow his government.

During his speech, Maduro also assured listeners that the opposition would never again come to power in Venezuela “either by good or bad means”, repeating another one of his common talking points.

Maduro also asserted that extreme poverty in Venezuela had been “reduced” to “five or six percent”, but gave no data to back up his claim.

Maduro’s assertion runs contrary to a long-established pattern of increasing extreme poverty in Venezuela, which is measured each year in the ENCOVI survey.

According to the latest ENCOVI survey available (2017), 61.2% of Venezuelan households lived in extreme poverty, up from 51.5% in 2016, 49,9%n in 2015, and 23,6% in 2014.

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