Christian Kruger, Colombia’s chief migration official, has spoken about the re-opening of the country’s border with Venezuela yesterday, saying that over 37,000 Venezuelans took advantage of the development to go shopping for food and basic necessities in Colombia yesterday.

According to Kruger, Maduro’s order to re-open the formal border crossings linking Colombia’s Norte de Santander department and Venezuela’s Tachira state is a positive measure, since it means that Venezuelans will not have to “risk their lives” making the journey using illegal crossings.

On the fact that shipping containers that Venezuelan authorities had placed on some of the border crossings to stop vehicular traffic remained in place despite the re-opening of the border, Kruger said:

However, this happiness [that the official crossings are open again] is not complete, as Maduro the dictator still has several blocks [shipping containers] on the border crossings that not only hamper mobility, but also represent a risk since they could cause crowding.

Venezuelan authorities later re-positioned the shipping containers so that they are not completely blocking the Simon Bolivar International Bridge. The images below show the containers as they appeared on Saturday (top) and how they appeared today (bottom):

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