National Assembly deputy Carlos Prosperi gave details today about a set of talks that took place earlier this week in Oslo, Norway between the opposition and the Maduro regime.

According to Prosperi, opposition negotiators “remained firm” throughout the talks, sticking to the trio of demands that have become a mantra for Juan Guaido and his supporters since January of this year: Maduro’s resignation, the formation of a transitional government, and the carrying out of free elections.

Prosperi said:

In Norway, there was a meeting where everyone presented [what they perceive to be] the reality. There was a delegation from Nicolas Maduro, and a delegation from Juan Guaido. Both delegations expressed what Venezuelans are looking for. There, [the Guaido delegation] stressed that the three phases that we’ve proposed have to be met: an end to the usurpation, a transitional government, and free elections.

Yesterday, the Norwegian government announced that the talks in Oslo had come to an end without an agreement being reached.

Maduro Gives His Version of Events

Maduro also spoke yesterday on the Oslo talks, saying that he was “proud” to be speaking to his opponents.

Maduro said:

I’m being honest: I’m proud of our delegation in Norway, and I’m proud that we’re in the constructive dialogue phase with the Venezuelan opposition. I think that the way forward is peace.

Maduro made the comments during a televised address, during which he also claimed that the talks in Oslo have been going on “in secret” for “two or three months.”

True to form, Maduro also insinuated–without providing any details or evidence–that the opposition leadership is lying to Venezuelans about something related to the talks. Maduro said:

Be brave. Tell people the truth.

It is not at all clear to what Maduro may have been referring.

Univision Set to Air Contentious Interview with Maduro

Univision has recovered footage of a contentious interview that resulted in the arrest of its team in Caracas–including renowned journalist Jorge Ramos–back on February 26 of this year.

That day, Ramos got approximately 17 minutes into an interview with Maduro in Caracas before the president flew into a rage and ordered the interview to be stopped. Ramos and four of his colleagues were arrested and subsequently deported, and had their equipment stolen.

Univision revealed today that it in possession of the footage of the failed interview. According to the network, the footage includes approximately half a dozen “threats and insults” that Maduro launched at Ramos in response to his questions.

The network says that it will air the interview on June 2 at 7:00 PM EST.

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