The official opposition press office released a statement today announcing that the talks with the Maduro regime that were taking place in Oslo, Norway this week have ended without an agreement.

Below, the statement along with my translation:

To the Venezuelan people, the Armed Forces and the International Community

The mediation meeting that we attended at the invitation of the Kingdom of Norway in Oslo has come to an end. We’ve stressed our path: an end to the usurpation [of power by Maduro], [the installation of] a transitional government, and free elections as a way to solve the tragedy that our country suffers today.

This meeting ended without an agreement. We’ve insisted that mediation will be useful for Venezuela as long as the elements that will allow for a true solution in Venezuela are present. For this reason, we will keep up our struggle until we resolve the crisis affecting us Venezuelans.

This effort, taking part along all constitutional avenues, has not been halted.

We are sure that the country’s opposition forces, the National Armed Forces, and the international community coincide in our defense of the will and sovereignty of the majority.

We thank the government of Norway for its willingness to contribute to a solution to the chaos that our country suffers. We are willing to continue to work with them, just as we have been working with the Lima Group and the Contact Group, in search of the solution for which we’ve been advocating for so long.

To the National Armed Forces we stress that our proposal for solving this serious crisis and the suffering in our country is based on restoring constitutional order and allowing Venezuelans to decide their destiny in free elections under observation [the results of which] can be verified, just as the National Constitution mandates. We call on all of the country’s sectors to contribute to the achievement of this goal and all of the paths necessary [to achieve this].

To the international community and to our allies, [we say that] we will continue to be united in order to achieve a solution for our Venezuela. We know that this initiative from Norway has been but one of many efforts that have been proposed to deliver an urgent and effective solution to the Venezuelan crisis; for this support, Venezuela is thankful.

We will continue to move forward until we achieve freedom and a solution to the serious crisis through which our people are living.

The government of Norway followed up the end of the meeting with its own statement, which reads:

We announce that there this week have been held [sic] meetings in Oslo between representatives of the main political actors in Venezuela.

The parties have demonstrated their willingness to move forward in the search for an agreed-upon and constitutional solution for the country, which includes political, economic and electoral matters.

In order to preserve a process that can lead to results, the parties are requested to show their utmost caution in their comments and statements regarding the process.

– Norway reiterates its recognition of the parties’ efforts, states the Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs Ine Eriksen Søreide.

The opposition and the ruling PSUV party first met in Oslo in mid-May. This latest round of talks is the second time that the two sides have met in the Scandinavian country.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Jorge Arreaza also acknowledged the statement form Norway, and thanked the government for its continued efforts to mediate a solution to the crisis:

After some important meetings in Oslo, the government of the Kingdom of Norway has provided an update about the progress in the political dialogue between the Bolivarian government of Venezuela and the Venezuelan Opposition [sic]. We thank Norway’s efforts towards peace.

Opposition Deputy Arrested While Attempting to Leave Venezuela

National Assembly deputy Mariela Magallanes was detained for over two hours at the Simon Bolivar International Airport in Maiquetia this afternoon. Magallanes was on her way out of the country when she was detained, and had her passport annulled by the authorities.

She spoke on video after her release:

Jaimes: I’m with National Assembly deputy Mariela Magallanes. She’s been released–you were detained for several hours by migration officials. Her passport has been annulled.

Magallanes: They’ve annulled our passport, but they can’t annul or willingness to move this country forward and free it from this tyranny. The fact that I don’t have it [my passport] today–I have to come get it tomorrow, because supposedly there is something wrong with it. I want the people of Venezuela to know that we continue to stand firm in our struggle, and they cannot intimidate us. We Venezuelans are committed to freeing Venezuela.

Jaimes: This is what’s happening right now in the Maiquetia international airport.

Magallanes fled to the Italian embassy in Caracas on May 8, when the Maduro regime began its latest crackdown on opposition politicians. She was accused by the Tribunal Supremo de Justicia (Supreme Court, TSJ) on May 7 of treason and other crimes for her alleged role in the events of April 30.

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