Juan Guaido held a rally today in Hugo Chavez’s birthplace: the town of Sabaneta, located in Barinas state.

During the rally, Guaido repeated some of the same observations that have for years come to describe the crisis in Venezuela. On the fact that gasoline shortages are still widespread throughout the country, Guaido said:

How is it possible for the country with the most oil reserves in the world to not have gasoline?

Guaido blamed the Maduro regime for “not doing anything” to solve the crisis in the country, and called on Venezuelans to remain firm in their support for the opposition.

He also called specifically on the residents of Sabaneta to participate in a protest tomorrow starting at 4:00 PM. Guaido said:

Tomorrow we’ll do what we’ve done in Lara state. Operation Liberty is going to be in effect throughout the country through Venezuelans, who should go out onto the streets and protest to demand their freedom, to make a difference. We should not abide by the lack of services without protesting.

Guaido took advantage of the fact that he was speaking from Chavez’s birthplace to speak about the failures of the revolution brought about by the late president. He said:

Thanks to the revolution, our communities don’t have basic services. There’s no gasoline, no water, no electricity. The only thing that the government has done for the Sabaneta municipality is put up statues, and all the while there are no supplies [in the stores].

Guaido also challenged the residents of the city to spearhead the movement to bring about an end of the Maduro regime. Guaido said:

The revolution was born here, and here it must die.

Below, images from today’s rally in Sabaneta:

Brazil Backtracks, Won’t Recognize Opposition Ambassador

The government of Brazil announced today that it would not give diplomatic credentials to Maria Teresa Belandria, the woman picked by Juan Guaido to represent the opposition movement in that country.

Belandria was supposed to receive her credentials on June 4, along with other foreign diplomats. The Bolsonaro government recognized her as Venezuela’s legitimate representative back in early February of this year.

When asked by Brazilian press about the decision, Belandria said:

Brazil’s support [for Guaido] continues to be solid, strong and steadfast. This is merely an issue having to do with protocol.

According to El Pitazo, Brazil’s Folha de Sao Paulo reported earlier this week that move came after Brasilia came to see Belandria’s accreditation as an “unnecessary provocation” against the Maduro regime.

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