A massive power outage is affecting much of the country tonight, according to reports on social media.

El Nacional is reporting that at least 17 states are seeing disruptions to their electrical service tonight, including Zulia, Miranda and La Guaira.

Netblocks, an organization that monitors internet and power outages, posted the following message tonight:

Fire at El Cardon Refinery Sends Thick Smoke Into the Air

A fire at the El Cardon refinery in Falcon state sent thick, black plumes of smoke into the air this afternoon. According to El Nacional, the fire occurred at the plant’s catalytic reforming area.

The first appears to have started shortly before noon, and was under control a few hours later.

Below, some images from the fire (EDIT: I’ve deleted this video, which I originally published in the section below, because it is not from this fire: it’s from a 2017 fire. I apologize for this error). 

The El Cardon refinery is part of the Paraguana Refinery Complex, which is the largest in Venezuela and one of the largest in the world.

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