US President Donald Trump appeared to respond to the publication of an interview by Axios in which he expressed a willingness to personally meet with Maduro. In a tweet, Trump qualified that he would only meet with Maduro to discuss his leaving office.

In a tweet shared today, Trump said:

Maduro attempted to capitalize on Trump’s early, unqualified willingness to meet with him in statements made to state-owned media. Maduro said:

My answer [to Trump saying he’s open to meeting me] is that, just as I met with Joe Biden and spoke to him at length in a respectful manner–something that was reported at the time–I am also willing to meet in a respectful manner with president Donald Trump. In the same way that I spoke to Biden, I could speak to Trump.

Maduro and Biden met briefly at Brazilian president Dilma Roussef’s inauguration in early 2015.

NGO: Gov’t Jails Held 450 Political Prisoners in May

The Foro Penal Venezolano (Venezuelan Penal Forum, FPV) announced today that there were 450 political prisoners in government jails at the end of May. The FPV has a running tally of political prisoners in Venezuela that it updates every month.

According to the FPV, at least 13 of those prisoners are in a state of disappearance–that  is, neither their relatives nor their lawyer(s) know for certain where they are being held or if they are still alive.

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