Maduro announced a change of course for how his government is responding to the COVID-19 outbreak after the country saw 97 new infections of the disease over the past 24 hours, following a record-breaking 231 new cases announced yesterday.

Over the past several weeks, the Venezuelan government has overseen a scheme that asks citizens to remain at home for a determined amount of time, followed by a period of “flexibilization”. Currently, Venezuela is technically in a 7-day period of quarantine which, in theory, will be followed by a 7-day period starting next week when residents are more free to leave their homes.

However, given the current trend in new cases, Maduro announced today that he was going to “radicalize” the quarantine in Caracas and five states: Miranda, La Guaira, Zulia, Bolivar, and Aragua. While it is not clear exactly what Maduro meant, he suggested that one measure could be to completely shut down the Caracas subway system:

They’ve recommended to me that we close the Caracas Metro, public transportation, and that we take radical measures to stop the expansion of the coronavirus in time.

During today’s COVID-19 update, vice president Delcy Rodriguez said that the virus was now present “in all the parishes in Caracas”.

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