Venezuela surpassed 2,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 today after the Maduro government announced 135 new cases over the last 24 hours. The total number of COVID-19 cases in the country now sits at 2,087.

Journalist Arrested, Now Missing for Recording Soldiers at Gas Station

A journalist named Carol Romero was arrested this afternoon and is now missing after she recorded a discussion between soldiers guarding a gas station and frustrated motorists looking to pump gas.

Romero’s arrest and disappearance were reported by IPYS Venezuela,, a local journalism NGO, which shared the following message on Twitter:

1/3 #Alert A journalist named Carol Romero from FM Centre [radio station] was detained today by soldiers from the National Guard while she recorded a dispute between the soldiers and some residents on the Kilometre 7 [marker] in El Junquito.

2/3 The soldiers punched Romero and her aunt, both of whom were at the gas station.

[Romero] was taken to the [National Guard] headquarters in the Kilometre 12 [marker], but after corroborating [her arrest] her relatives claim that they do not know where she is.

3/3 [IPYS Venezuela] wishes to make it known that there has been an increase in violations against press workers during the pandemic, and we place responsibility at the hands of the Venezuelan state for any harm that may come to [Romero]

It is not uncommon in Venezuela for individuals who are detained by the authorities to disappear between the moment that they are taken into custody for a period sometimes lasting days or weeks, when they are either released or brought before a judge to face charges.



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