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Details continued to emerge about “Operacion Gedeon”, the surreal weekend attempt to overthrow to topple the Maduro government that was carried out by a mixed group of US mercenaries and Venezuelan expatriate soldiers.

Government Airs Edited Videos of Denman, Others Confessing to the Plot

The state-owned VTV network has aired a series of videos showing some of the people who have been arrested since Sunday in connection to the plot

The video skips at several places, indicating that sections of it were removed and/or placed out of order.

Denman’s statement begins at the 17:15 mark in this video:

Secretary Pompeo Denies “Direct” Involvement in Plot

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said during a press conference today that there was no “direct” US involvement in the events of the last 72 hours, and that the US government would be working to bring back the two captured US citizens.

Below, video of Pompeo’s statements:

Guaido Digs in Denail as JJ Rendon Confirms Contract is Real

JJ Rendon, a key strategist for the Guaido government, confirmed this evening that the contract that Jordan Goudreau presented to the media on Sunday showing his signature alongside Juan Guaido and Rendon’s is real. Rendon said that the contract “never came into effect”, and that it was an exploratory agreement for an operation that would have seen the capture of high-ranking government officials.

Below, the video were Rendon admits the validity of the contract:

Just ours early, the official opposition communication account on Twitter issued a statement saying the the contract was a “false document” created by Maduro to justify Guaido’s arrest, and that Guaido had not signed any document for any services with SilvercorpUSA/Jordan Goudreau:

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