Yesterday, vice president for the economy Tarek El Aissami announced that the government would release a list of 27 food items and basic necessities the prices of which would be regulated starting tomorrow. The move to set the prices for these products comes from a measure taken by the government this past week to “supervise” the sale of products made by three private companies (Polar, Plumrose and Matadero Tumero), which the Maduro regime has blamed for the ongoing food shortages.

Earlier today, the digital news outlet TalCual published what it claims is the list of these 27 items along with their prices in US dollars. Some of the items on the list and their prices are:

  • Beef ($2.40/kilogram)
  • Sardines ($1.80/kilogram)
  • Powdered milk ($2.30/kilogram)
  • Black beans ($0.87/kilogram)
  • Corn flour ($1.00/kilogram)

When added up together, the cost of all 27 items is $32.56, which is the equivalent of Bs. 5.58 million. In order to afford that, a Venezuelan worker would have to earn 22 times the minimum monthly salary.

Maduro: 2 New COVID-19 Cases

Maduro announced today that there were two new COVID-19 cases detected in the country over the past day, raising the total since the outbreak began to 325.

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