After two days of record-setting detected cases of COVID-19, the total number of patients with the disease confirmed over the last 24 hours was three, according to Maduro. The president made the announcement during the nightly coronavirus updated, which saw government officials confirm 29 new cases yesterday and Sunday.

The total number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in the country now sits at 288, with 10 deceased.

During his address, Maduro lashed out at the Venezuelan opposition for its vociferous assertions that there are more cases of the disease in Venezuela than the government is letting on, and that its response to the crisis has been inadequate so far. Maduro said:

The Venezuelan right wing–the coupist opposition–started saying 18 days ago that there was an outbreak in Margarita, and we started to check and saw that it wasn’t true. Then, the outbreak in Nueva Esparta started. People think that we’re joking, that this pandemic is a lie. This could happen to anyone.

In late February, Maduro called the coronavirus “a weapon for biological war”, and suggested that the United States had created the virus in a lab to unleash against China.

Maduro: Venezuela “Ready” For $10/barrel Oil

During the same address, Maduro spoke on the collapse of world oil prices, and said, figuratively, that Venezuela was “ready” to continue to operate even if the price of its oil fell to $10 per barrel.

Maduro said:

Venezuelan won’t be stopped by oil at $10 [per barrel], or at minus $10 [per barrel].

Back in late 2018, Maduro said that the “fair price” for Venezuelan oil should be $100 per barrel. He said:

The price of oil should be $100 per barrel. That’s the fair price that Venezuela demands (…) as long as [oil] prices are low, the economy will do poorly.

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