A group of masked men calling themselves the Frente Patriotico Venezuela [Venezuelan Patriotic Front, VPF] issued a video statement late last night claiming responsibility for the massive fire that gutted a government warehouse in Caracas yesterday. The warehouse contained thousands of voting machines and other electoral equipment belonging to the Consejo Nacional Electoral (CNE), the Maduro regime’s electoral body.

In a video lasting 2:20, a masked man explains that the FPV carried out the attack–which he called “Operation Sodoma”– because the CNE carries out “fraudulent elections” that have the effect of violating the rights of Venezuelans. In the same video, the man also claimed responsibility for a warehouse fire that destroyed equipment belonging to the state-owned CANTV telecommunication company in Valencia last month.

Below, the video along with my translation:

Man: We have decided to launch this offensive against Maduro and his group because they have put the Venezuelan people through hell. Today, we bring them into the flames. Today, the courageous and freedom-loving children of [Simon] Bolivar, our liberator, have acted in accordance to articles 333 and 350 of the Constitution, which the regime has violated, and we do not recognize Nicolas Maduro as the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.
In accordance with these constitutional articles, and in the name of civil society, we are declaring “Guerra a Muerte” [War to the Death], which our liberator decreed on June 15 1813 against traitors and any who opposed freedom. [We are issuing this decree] against anyone who supports the usurper Nicolas Maduro. They will be considered military targets. Anyone who oppresses and breaks the law will be considered an enemy of the nation. Starting today, this Patriotic Front swears before our people that we will not rest until we have brought an end to the tyranny.
We have successfully carried out Operations Genesis and Sodoma. We began operations in Valencia this past March 8 against a warehouse owned by CANTV. This is a national company that does not serve the people since it was taken over by the Cuban regime years through an underwater cable that [connects Venezuela to Cuba] and allows for the monitoring of all communications. This March 7 we launched Operation Sodoma at the CNE warehouse, which has violated the people’s rights by conducting fraudulent elections with the help of CANTV, which controls the data and hosts it on Cuban servers. Accomplices in the CNE, like Tibisay Lucena, have allowed this to happen. We accept elections, as long as they cannot be controlled by any partisan computer program or compromised organization.
We also make a call on our brothers in arms in the different security services to join the people and honour all the patriots and fallen heroes like Oscar Perez, Neomar Lander, Captain Acosta Arevalo, and others who are in regime dungeons because of their quest for freedom.
Venezuela: we will be watching on March 10 alongside you for any action that might harm our Venezuelan people our or brothers in arms who– .

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