A confrontation between police and a group of armed suspects resulted in a shootout on the busy Francisco Fajardo highway of Caracas this afternoon. While there are no reports yet on casualties, two short clips of the event have emerged on social media.

The first clip was recorded from inside a bus, and captured the chaos that engulfed commuters who were stuck on the highway during the shootout:

Another video, shot from a building some distance away from the highway, showed the same scene:

El Nacional is reporting that the suspects belong to a gang called El Coqui that operates out of the Cota 905 area of Caracas.

Pirates Attack Vessel, Murder Captain Near Puerto La Cruz

Pirates attacked an oil vessel off the coast of Puerto La Cruz on Tuesday morning, killing its captain.The attack, which El Nacional reported today, took place during the early morning hours.

San Ramon, an oil ship, was boarded by six armed men in the early morning hours while it was anchored off of Puerto La Cruz. During the takeover of the ship, the men killed the ship’s captain, a Colombian man named Jaime Herrea Orozco. They also injured a coast guard officer who was guarding the ship.

A union leader for oil sector workers in Puerto La Cruz said that the attack was the first of its kind in Venezuela, and that it was evidence of the “insecurity” affecting the oil industry.

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