The Maduro regime celebrated today the first anniversary of what one of its officials called “the Battle of the Bridges”, in reference to the failed opposition attempt to bring in humanitarian aid on trucks from Brazil and Colombia last year. The nickname for the event references the fact that much of the media attention that day was on a set of bridges that connect Colombia and Venezuela, on which opposition supporters and regime forces clashed that day.

At a regime event earlier today, Freddy Bernal presented Diosdado Cabello with a sword that once belonged to Simon Bolivar. Bernal holds the title of “Protect of Tachira”, a title created by the regime in 2018 in order to give Bernal control of the border with Colombia in that state.

Upon accepting the sword, Cabello said:

Today, I am not Cabello. I am the people. The objective is the defense of the homeland, sovereignty, independence, a sacred thing such as is our home soil [sic].

The video below shows Cabello speaking while holding the sword at today’s ceremony:

Speaking on the anniversary of the failed initiative that he oversaw, opposition leader Juan Guaido said that his determination to see an end to the Maduro regime had not waned in the last year, and that day would come when the much-needed humanitarian aid would flow into the country.

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