A scuffle broke out today between a group of National Bolivarian Police (NBP) officers and a group of anti-government protesters who heeded Juan Guaido’s call to continue street actions today. Guaido made the call during a protest this past Saturday.

The video below shows a group of protesters marching in the Chacaito neighbourhood of Caracas at approximately 10:00 AM this morning:

The demonstrators, who were marching to the Libertador avenue, eventually made it to their destination, and they were met by NBP officers. There, the officers attempted to arrest some of the demonstrators, to which the crowd reacted by shoving some of the officers and pulling their comrades free:

Nurses’ Union Issues Work Stoppage Ultimatum

The Colegio de Enfermeras de Caracas [Caracas College of Nurses, CEC] issued an ultimatum today ahead of a protest scheduled for tomorrow, warning that it could move to a full work stoppage if its demands are not met.

Ana Rosario Contreras, the president of the CEC, said today that the union presented a list of demands to the Maduro government back in September, among them that their salaries be increased to $600 for fully-licensed nurses. Of those demands, Contreras said:

If we do not receive a response to the requests that have been made of the [government], then the nurse will see herself forced to stop working indefinitely…

Contreras decried the fact that workers in Venezuela earn approximately $10 per month, a fact that she says is causing them to “starve to death”.

Last weeks, the country’s nurses staged 48-hour work stoppages as part of its ongoing strike action demanding better pay and working conditions.


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