Tens of thousands of Venezuelans marched in their cities and towns today against the Maduro government in the largest such action since April of this year.

As with many opposition-organized protests, the question at the forefront of the minds of commentators, observers and ordinary Venezuelans leading up to today was whether people would heed the call of opposition leader Juan Guaido to take to the streets. While the crowds that took part in today’s marches were nowhere near as large as the ones that took the streets in 2014 and 2017, they were nevertheless the largest that the country has seen since the failed attempt to remove Maduro from power in April 30.

In Caracas, the opposition rally in Chacaito culminated with a speech from Guaido himself, who announced more protests for tomorrow and into next week.

During his speech, Guaido said that the fact that so many people had turned out to protest meant that the Maduro regime’s attempts at intimidation had failed, and congratulations those there for having the courage and determination to participate in the protest.

Guaido Announces More Protests

The biggest announcement of the afternoon came when Guaido called on Venezuelans to participate in more protests tomorrow and into next week, including one headed by university students on November 21.

That demonstration is planned to take place at Fuerte Tiuna, a military base in Caracas, and its goal will be to ask the soldiers there to join the anti-government movement.

Guaido also called on Venezuelans to protest on Monday starting at 9:00 AM “outside of your homes and offices”, meaning that that action will not result in concentrations like the one seen today.

For Tuesday and Wednesday, Guaido called on Venezuelans to join sector-led protests, one by the country’s university professors and the other by its nurses.

Caracas Protest Ends with March to Bolivian Embassy

During his speech in Chacaito, Guaido thanked Bolivian president Jeanine Anez for recognizing his government and breaking diplomatic ties with the Maduro regime, and congratulated the Bolivian people for forcing Evo Morales out of office with street protests.

He called on his supporters gathered there to follow him to the Bolivian embassy, located some 3.5 kilometers away, to sing the national anthem and show their support for the new Bolivian government.

As opposition protesters arrived at the scene, a group of National Bolivarian Police officers who were there to guard the embassy were forced to retreat into the building:

Once outside the embassy, Guaido led Venezuelans in singing the national anthem, and then left the scene.

Images from the Protests

Below, images from the protests around the country today.

From Caracas:

Somewhere in Lara state:

Maracaibo, Zulia state:

Somewhere in Merida state:

Ciudad Bolivar, Bolivar state:

Armed Men Raid VP Offices in Caracas During Night Operation

A group of heavily-armed masked men in civilian clothing raided the offices of the Voluntad Popular (VP) party in Caracas last night. While the men did not identify themselves and were not wearing uniforms, it is presumed that they were members of a security service with the Maduro government.

It is not clear at this time why the men raided the offices. There were no arrests made.

Below, images from the event:

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