Opposition leader Juan Guaido spoke to supporters at an event in Caracas’ El Paraiso neighbourhood, drawing crowds of Venezuelans hopeful for political change.

During his speech, Guaido said that Venezuelans could not grow accustomed to living in the terrible conditions which the Maduro regime has brought onto the country, and stressed that the overwhelming majority of the country was united in its desire to see Maduro leave office.

Below, images from the event:

Colombian Intelligence Chief Quits Over Fake Pictures SNAFU

Oswaldo Peña, the head of Colombian military intelligence, resigned from his position today in the fallout of a scandal involving a report presented to the United Nations last week that used two fake images.

The report was handed over to the UN secretary general Ivan Duque, who presented it as evidence that Colombian guerrillas were freely operating in Venezuela.

Part of that evidence included two images that allegedly showed Colombian guerrillas operating inside Venezuela. The report claims that one of the images was taken in Tachira state in April 2018, but it was in fact printed by El Tiempo in 2015 after it was given the image by the Colombian authorities themselves. The second image allegedly showed a house in Venezuela with the letters “ELN” (after the guerrilla group) painted on them, while in fact the image was taken in Colombia’s Catatumbo region.

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