Minister of Foreign Affairs Jorge Arreaza met his Russian homologue, Sergei Lavrov, earlier today to sign a “Consultation Plan” with the goal of strengthening the ties between their two countries. Venezuelan vice president Delcy Rodriguez was also present at the signing ceremony, which took place in New York City:

Persecuted Deputies to Meet in Colombia

A group of 30 opposition National Assembly deputies who have been in the crosshairs of the regime for years will meet in Bogota, Colombia on October 1-2 with their regional counterparts to explore future avenues of cooperation between opposition forces and the region.

The meeting will also be attended by legislators from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Peru.

Maduro Calls Duque “Imbecile” over UN Speech

Maduro, back in Venezuela from his trip to Russia, lashed out against Colombian president Ivan Duque over the latter’s speech at the United Nations General Assembly this week.

In his speech, Duque criticized Maduro and his regime for bringing misery and chaos to Venezuela, and said that his government had handed evidence to the UN outlining Maduro’s ties to guerrilla and drug trafficking organizations.

Maduro launched his insults against Duque during a televised address during which he also called his Colombian homologue “Porky”, likely in reference to Porky Pig.

Maduro said:

Porky, that imbecile⁠—Ivan Duque, that imbecile, went [to the UN] and presented a document and some pictures and it’s false, they’re all false, just as they should be [sic] because the guerrilla is a Colombian phenomenon going back 70 years.

During the same address, Maduro said that Colombia was “a failed state” and that he felt shame for Duque.

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