Gonzalo Himiob, a prominent human rights lawyer and director of the Foro Penal Venezolano [Venezuelan Penal Forum, FPV], spoke on the plight of political prisoners today just two days after the release of deputy Edgar Zambrano.

For Himiob, while celebrating Zambrano’s release may seem natural and appropriate, the fact is that the country’s political prisoners are “pawns” that the Maduro regime uses at will for political benefit. He also pointed to rumours that the regime will soon release dozens more prisoners, saying:

There’s been talk of releasing 58 prisoners, but they [the regime] aren’t telling us who they are, or if they’re all political prisoners, or what their selection criteria is.

Himiob also said that he does not think that the regime’s tendency to release small numbers of political prisoners whenever it finds it convenient is not necessarily “good news”,since the measures have ulterior motives and reinforce the precarious state of the rule of law in Venezuela.

Attorney General Saab Calls Guaido “A Psychopath” As More Pictures With Alleged Criminals Surface

Attorney General Tarek William Saab launched into a vitriolic attack of opposition leader Juan Guaido during a televised address today, calling him “a psychopath” as the Maduro regime released more pictures of him with alleged members of a Colombian organized crime group.

The pictures are part of a set of images that first became public earlier this month. The images show Guaido with alleged members of a Colombian criminal group known as Los Rastrojos, and were taken in February of this year. The men allegedly helped Guaido sneak into Colombia for a highly publicized event, given that he was under a judicial order that prevented him from leaving the country.

Below, the new images shared on regime television yesterday:


Saab said that he was certain that there were “many more” pictures of Guaido with the men, and accused Guaido of using the criminal organization as his personal body guards.

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