United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet arrived in Venezuela today on a two-day mission to personally ascertain the human rights situation in the country. Bachelet was welcomed to the country by Minister of Foreign Affairs Jorge Arreaza:

In anticipation of the High Commissioner’s visit, Venezuelan authorities were deployed to the Simon Bolivar International Airport:

Speaking at a regime event this afternoon, Maduro said that he had “very high expectations” of Bachelet’s visit, and said that he was open to “hearing proposals” from her team.

Guaido To Meet High Commissioner on Friday as Opposition Calls for Demonstrations

El Universal reports that Juan Guaido will meet with Bachelet this Friday.

Guaido spoke on the timely nature of Bachelet’s visit during a press conference today, in which he pointed out that Venezuela is currently experiencing “the worst catastrophe in the hemisphere”.

During the same press conference, Guaido said that the Venezuelan opposition has been “fighting” for the last five years to find a solution to the crisis, and warned Venezuelans not to see Bachelet’s visit as a “solution” to the crisis. Guaido said:

We’ve had enough diagnoses. This is a structural problem, and we have to find a solution to the crisis.

At the same time, the Frente Amplio [Wide Front]–an opposition bloc made up of political parties and civil society groups–called on Venezuelans to hold demonstrations around the country tomorrow and Friday to express their discontent with the crisis in Venezuela.

During a press conference, Goyo Caribas–a spokesperson for the Frente Amplio–spoke on his expectations of Bachelet’s visit. He said:

I hope that Michelle Bachelet can go to a normal hospital or a clinic to see for herself what has been reported. I hope that she can go to any prison.

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