National Assembly deputy Jose Guerra spoke in a televised interview today in which he responded to comments made by Miranda state governor Hector Rodriguez, who suggested earlier today that opposition and ruling party forces should hold a set of talks to deal with the country’s economic problems.

For Guerra, any dialogue must have one purpose. He explained:

The only agreement here has to be that there are transparent, clean and democratic elections, because the country is destroyed.

Guerra also shot back at another comment by Rodriguez, who said that “extremists” were trying to take over the opposition leadership. Guerra said:

No, man. The extremists are the group of people in power who won’t let go of it.

During the interview, Guerra spoke about some of the plans that the opposition has for getting Venezuela on the path to reconstruction in a post-Maduro scenario. One of the facts of that plan would include restoring the country’s ability to produce oil, which has been largely destroyed over the last twenty years due to mismanagement and corruption.

Guerra said:

In 1947, Venezuela produced 1.4 million barrels of oil per day. Today, Venezuela produces 1.1 million…  they’ve destroyed the oil industry.

Army Strategic Commander Stresses Loyalty to Maduro

Remigio Ceballos, the National Bolivarian Armed Forces’ Strategic Operations Commander, appeared in a television interview today on the Sunday talk show Jose Vicente Hoy. During the interview, Ceballos stressed the armed forces’ loyalty to Maduro, and criticized interim president Juan Guaido for his actions in recent weeks.

Ceballos said:

Defending the homeland, its institutions, and not abandoning our superiors is more important than any burda (roughly, “stupid” or “idiotic”) declaration from those individuals who want to sow disunion among us.

Ceballos said that the armed forces were “highly connected” with the Venezuelan people, the country’s constitution, and “our commander in chief Nicolas Maduro”.

During the show, Ceballos made it clear that the entirety of the armed forces–not just its high command–were fully loyal to Maduro. He said:

The Armed Forces are, in turn, united with our commander in chief, Nicolas Maduro Moros. All of the officers. All of the professional and enlisted troops, and also the Bolivarian militia.

Meteor Lights Up Carabobo Sky

A meteor lit up the sky over Carabobo state last night, and was captured on film from several vantage points.

Below, the meteor as it appeared from a children’s party somewhere in Carabobo state:

The video below shows the meteor as it appeared over Valencia:

The governor of Carabobo state, Rafael Lacava, took opportunity of the event to put up a video on his Twitter account. Below, Lacava’s video along with my translation:

Lacava: Hello, everyone. We’re here reporting from Carabobo, where a few hours ago we saw a great meteorite that struck the southern part of our state. Well, I asked that they bring me the remains of that meteorite so that I could investigate it. Pass it here, please.

Here are [the remains]. All of us in Carabobo were worried. We were able to find all of these things that the meteorite brought, and this is what it brought. The meteorite was very dangerous. These are all the remains of the things that it brought.

The meteorite’s name was Dracula! Bye!

Since coming to office, Lacava has built an alter ego, styling himself as a kind of crime fighter/vigilante who chases wrongdoers in “Dracula’s Car”, and has taken extensively from the Batman universe to construct this image.

Jacob Vidarte, an official with Carabobo’s Civil Protection Unit, clarified that there is no evidence that the object impacted the ground.

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