Vice president Delcy Rodriguez spoke in an interview published by Russia Today in which she called a campaign to deliver foreign humanitarian aid into the country “a big lie” that is meant to disguise a military invasion of Venezuela.

Rodriguez also repeated her oft-made claim that “there is no humanitarian crisis in Venezuela”, and blamed the country’s “social wounds” on the United States while claiming that Maduro has worked to “directly tend to” the neediest Venezuelans throughout his presidency.

Rodriguez’s comments echo those made by the vice president of the ruling PSUV party, Diosdado Cabello, who said during a political rally in Anzoategui state today that the matter of the humanitarian aid was “complex” because it was “based on a big lie”.

Cabello also said:

Venezuela is a free, sovereign and independent land, and its internal affairs are decided by Venezuelans…

Venezuela is currently experiencing suffering from the worst socio-economic collapse in its modern history. Poor monetary policy drove the inflation rate to reach a staggering 1,698,488.2% in 2018, a fact that erases earnings and makes accessing food, medicine and services increasingly difficult for Venezuelans. The economic crisis is also evidenced in widespread shortages of food and medicine.

Interim president Juan Guaido has rallied international support in recent weeks to bring humanitarian aid into Venezuela, which Maduro and the PSUV are rejecting on several grounds.

National Guard Continues to Stand Guard on Tienditas Bridge

At least National Guard soldiers continue to stand guard at the Tienditas international bridge, which connects Tachira state with Colombia’s Norte de Santander department.

An image shared by El Pitazo this morning shows a group of soldiers on the Venezuelan side of the border. According to El Pitazo, there were “more than 30” state security officials there, including 20 female National Guard soldiers and 10 police officers.

Below, the image:

Peru Received 131,388 Refugee Requests from Venezuelans in 2018

The government of Peru announced today that it received 131,388 requests for refugee status from Venezuelan migrants in 2018, a figure that it expects will be surpassed in 2019. The news came from Patricia Rubio, an official at the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Special Commission for Refugees.

According to El Nacional, only 400 Venezuelans have been granted refugee status in Peru between 2016 and 2018.

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