Opposition figure Maria Corina Machado has written a letter to Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro asking him to put “international pressure” on the Maduro regime.

Machado posted the letter on her official Twitter account. The letter is below, along with a partial translation:

On the occasion of you assuming the presidency of the Republic of Brazil this January 1 2019, I want to stress my support and that of the immense majority of Venezuelans, as well as wish you all the success in guiding the destiny of your country. You are taking on this responsibility thanks to the support of the majority, expressed in the votes of millions of Brazilians for your proposals regarding order, justice, democracy and liberty, and in rejection of the corrupt practices of previous governments.


You have been a firm and clear voice in rejection of the very serious situation that Venezuela is living, a posture that should also be assumed in the coming days by the Lima Group, the OAS and the European Union. We cannot delay in applying all of the international pressure needed to stop the destructive illegality that has caused so much suffering for Venezuelans thanks to fraud, repression, censorship and the use of brute force from continuing.

Bolsonaro was sworn-in as Brazil’s president today. His election last year sent shockwaves through the region, given his extreme right-wing tendencies.

Historically, Bolsonaro has taken pride in spouting racism and homophobia, as he did in 2011 when he said he would “never allow” his children to fall in love with a Black person, or in 2013 when he said he would rather his son be dead than gay. Bolsonaro has also publicly praised Brazil’s dictatorship, and has said that he is “pro-torture”.

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