Maduro sent an end-of-the-year message to Venezuelans this evening, promising a 2019 that is world’s away from the tragic reality lived by the residents of the country today.

The president said that he hopes 2019 will be a year of “peace, love, and happiness” for Venezuela, and that his government “will not fail” the country. Maduro made the comments in a series of tweets, two of which you can see below:

The Bolivarian Government should be at the level of the wishes for 2019 for peace, prosperity, stability and unity of the Venezuelan people. We will not fail you!

By any measure, 2018 was arguably the worst single year in Venezuelan history. The severity of the country’s socio-economic collapse and the entrenchment of Maduro’s brutal dictatorship intensified one of the largest migratory crises in the world.

Some three million people–about 10% of the country’s total population–have left the country in recent years to escape the misery of Maduro’s Venezuela.

Opposition Figure: Don’t Let The Tragedy Become Normal

Antonio Ledezma, the exiled mayor of Caracas and a leading figure in the Venezuelan opposition, shared a message with Venezuelans today calling 2019 a pivotal year for the country. In his message, Ledezma predicts that 2019 will tell whether Venezuelans relent to the dictatorship, or shake off its yoke.

In his message, Ledezma talks about how imperative it is for the opposition to abandon its infighting and unite against the Maduro regime. Ledezma says:

There’s no more time to lose, no more space for hesitation, calculated errors and doubts that only serve to prolong the life of the narco-tyranny. The new president of the [opposition-controlled] National Assembly should head a transitional government. This is an effective and wise decision that corresponds to the realities that we must overcome.

La Patilla Publishes End-Of-The-Year Story Review

La Patilla published a page today in which it links to pictures, videos and news articles covering some of the most important events in the country for 2018.

The page can be found here.

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