Residents from the 23 de enero neighbourhood of Caracas staged a protest this afternoon in the vicinity of the presidential palace, Miraflores. The residents were demanding that Maduro make good on his promise to give them free Christmas hams this holiday season.

The protest at Miraflores was not the only one to take place today in the capital, as residents in Catia, El Paraiso and La Candelaria also took to the streets to demand their hams.

Twitter users shared images of a relatively small group of demonstrators congregating outside of the Palace. Below, some images of the protesters:

In Catia, a group of residents held hands and blocked a road early this morning:

Two videos of the protest in Catia:

As he did last year, Maduro promised Venezuelan families a ham for Christmas, which in Venezuela is known as pernil. Also as he did last year, Maduro failed to deliver on his promise, and only delivered a trickle of perniles. Some of those who did receive their pernil complained that it was rotten,

OAS Chief Sends Venezuela End-of-Year Message

Luis Almagro, the head of the Organization of American States (OAS), sent a message to Venezuelans today to mark the end of 2018. In the message, Almagro said that he would continue to work in 2018 to restore democracy in the country.

In his message, Almagro said:

Far from being resolved, the situation in Venezuela becomes more pressing and distressing than ever with each passing day. The world is aware that Venezuelans are suffering, but all of the efforts required to make everyone understand the seriousness of the situation have yet to become concrete. It is still surprising that so-called ideologies are so present that they stop some from seeing what is obvious.

In his speech, Almagro said that Venezuela’s founder–Simon Bolivar–“would never have imagined such barbarism in the land that he loved”, and charged the Maduro dictatorship of lacking an ideological rudder and being concerned only with remaining in power at all costs.

Below, Almagro’s message:

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