The Mesa de la Unidad Democratica (MUD) has called on Venezuelans to take part in planton tomorrow in every city in the country starting at 6:00 AM and lasting 12 hours. The word planton roughly translates to “not moving”, and tomorrow’s protest activity will involve demonstrators congregating on the major road arteries of their cities and staying in place until the evening.

The activity was announced by National Assembly deputy Freddy Guevara through his Twitter account earlier today as a show of defiance against Maduro’s Constituent Assembly, a process through which he seeks to create a new national constitution. Guevara said:

Tomorrow [there will be] a big resistance planton on the nation’s roads lasting 12 hours. Everyone [must stand against] Maduro’s Constituent Assembly.

Speaking on the Venezuelan people’s resolve to continue the anti-regime protests—now in their 65th consecutive day–Guevara said:

No one surrenders here. Without our democratic street protests we’re making it clear to the dictatorship that THIS FRAUD WILL NOT STAND!

In Caracas, the MUD is asking that demonstrators congregate in 15 points across the city. The full list of rally points is here.

CNE Sets Constituent Assembly Election for July 30

The Consejo Nacional Electoral (CNE) announced earlier today that Venezuelans will head to the polls on July 30 to elect the representatives for Maduro’s Constituent Assembly. The elected representatives will then be tasked with creating a new national constitution, a move regime critics warn will allow Maduro to create a custom-made document that will cement his dictatorship in Venezuela.

Lucena said that she was “surprised” by what she considered to be the high number of Venezuelans who registered as candidates for the process. That number, Lucena said, is 55,314. From that figure, 540 will be elected as Constituent Assembly members.

Maduro announced the Constituent Assembly process on May 1.

Today’s announcement from the CNE provides ammunition to regime critics who argue that the organization works only for the benefit of the regime and actively stands in the way of the interests of Venezuelans.

While the Constituent Assembly election will take place less than three months after Maduro announced the measure, the CNE outright cancelled a recall referendum against Maduro last year after seven months of Kafkaesque games with voters during which the body placed, changed, and re-placed stringent and unnecessary requirements on the opposition to move the process along.

Man Dies From Injuries Sustained in Protest on April 20

The Public Ministry announced today that 22 year old Orlando Figueroa died this morning from injuries sustained during a protest in Altamira, Caracas on May 20. Figueroa becomes the 67th person killed during the protests that began on April 1.

Figueroa was lynched by protesters during the unrest in the city that day. Regime sources claim that Figueroa was severely burned, beaten and stabbed by protesters. While the circumstances that led to Figueroa’s lynching are not clear, opposition crowds will sometimes attack individuals that they believe are undercover security agents.

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