Note: I will not have reliable internet service for the next several days. Daily updates may be sparse, and I may miss a day or two.

At least two protester has been killed and hundreds other have been injured as Barinas state descended into chaos today, with widespread looting and fighting between regime and opposition supporters reported throughout the state.

Throughout the day, at least 50 business were looted in the state. State government offices were burned, as were the state headquarters of the PSUV and the Consejo Nacional Electoral (CNE), the nation’s electoral authority. In La Concordia, residents raided a local police station and stole uniforms, weapons and other police equipment.

El Nacional reports that at least 100 people were injured in the unrest in the state throughout the day.

In a move emblematic of the overwhelming disapproval of the Maduro regime and chavismo in general, protesters burned down the childhood home of Hugo Chavez, which was located in the town of Sabaneta. The burning of Chavez’s home appears to have occurred in retaliation for the death of 19-year-old Yorman Bervecia, who was shot in the chest during unrest in the town of Los Pozones.

Below, an image of Chavez’s childhood home burning on the left and a picture of Yorman’s ID on the right:

The video below shows Yorman on the ground as a crowd gathers around him shortly after he was shot (WARNING: The video is graphic. It shows Yorman convulsing on the floor as he lays dying):

Later in the day, a man named Jhon Alberto Quintero was killed after being shot in the head during unrest in the town of Guanape. The chaotic situation on the ground has made determining the circumstances of Quintero’s death difficult to discern, but it appears that he was killed either while looting an establishment or during an attempted robbery.

The third fatality was a man named Alfredo Carrizales who was killed while protesting in the city of Barinas, while the fourth was a 22 year old protester named Adonis Perez, killed whole participating in a demonstration in the Alto Barinas area of the state.

Today’s fatalities push the total death toll since the unrest began in April 1 to 57.

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