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A protester by the name of Alejandro Aguilar was murdered last night at an anti-regime demonstration in Valera, Trujillo state. Aguilar was show in the chest, allegedly by a pro-regime armed group known in Venezuela as a colectivo armado.

The announcement was made by Jose Karkom, the mayor of the town, who said:

We regret to announce the death of a young man at the hands of regime paramilitaries. These heroes’ fight will not be in vain.

Colectivos armados have claimed the lives of at least one dozen protesters since the current unrest sweeping the nation began in early April. Colectivos tend to act with impunity against demonstrators, often within eyesight of complicit official state authorities.

El Nacional reports that witnesses to the killing claimed that there was Thestar.com two blocks away from the spot where Aguilar was killed, and that the authorities did nothing to stop the colectivo from attacking protesters in the area.

SEBIN Officers Terrorize Apartment Complex in Caracas

Agents from the National Bolivarian Intelligence Service (SEBIN), the Maduro regime’s political police, raided an apartment complex on the Libertador avenue in Caracas during the overnight hours, breaking into apartments wearing face-masks and carrying heavy weapons. The raid was announced by Diego Scharifker, a Chacao municipality council member.

Scharifker said that the SEBIN agents were accompanied by soldier from the National Guard, and that they were looking for a student leader named Nixon Moreno. As a prominent anti-regime political figure in the country’s university circuit, Moreno was forced to flee Venezuela seven years ago, but is now suspected of having returned to the country.

Describing the raid, Scharifker said:

Yesterday, [residents] became victims to illegal raids by the SEBIN and the National Guard as well as civilians [likely a colectivo armado], wearing face masks and shirts wrapped around their heads [to make a mask]. They broke in illegally looking for someone. They went from apartment to apartment without warrants. Those who refused to open their doors received threats that it would be kicked down.

Scharifker also said that the SEBIN agents also forced the building staff to hand them the keys to the building’s main gates. He called the raid another facet of the “abuses from the dictatorship”.

Opposition, Regime Forces to March This week

The Mesa de la Unidad Democratica (MUD) will march tomorrow, the 52nd day of nationwide anti-regime protests.

In Caracas, opposition supporters will set off from the Parque del Este in the eastern part of the city towards the Ministry of Health building starting at 10:00 AM. The building is located in the western side of the city, which the regime has arbitrarily and illegally declared a “no opposition” zone.

The march is likely to be violently repressed.

On Tuesday, regime supporters are expected to answer a call made by Maduro earlier today to take part in a “great national march” in Caracas. Maduro said that the the march would take place “in the name of peace, [and] against fascism, violence and hatred”.

While he made the announcement on his Sunday television show En Contacto con Maduro, Maduro also accused Miranda state governor Henrique Capriles of personally providing opposition supporters with weapons right out of his own home. Maduro said that he had evidence of this assertion, but did not provide any.

Maduro also criticized “artists and athletes” who have spoken out against his regime of being “pressured by the government of the United States”, and said that there was a “global operation” in play to discredit him.

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