National Assembly President Diosdado Cabello become the first PSUV official to officially confirm that the men detained by DEA agents in a drug trafficking operation in Haiti last week is in fact related to First Lady Cilia Flores, nearly a week after international media broke the story.

Speaking in an interview with Vladimir Villegas on Globovision, Diosdado let slip that Efrain and Francisco Flores are in fact related to Cilia Flores. When asked by Villegas why the national government has yet to issue a statement regarding the arrests, Cabello said:

I think that they’re waiting for some concrete information on the issue. Imagine: you have a family member who goes on a trip and is kidnapped and taken to the United States. What information can you give out? I imagine that there is a group of lawyers looking for information so that they can be sure (…)

This is not the first time that Cabello has suggested that the men were kidnapped by the DEA – he made the same claim earlier this week. Cabello continued:

This is a common DEA practice, what took place. It’s the world’s biggest drug trafficking organization (…) this case is a plot to damage the revolution during an electoral campaign. I think that we all know President Maduro and Cilia Flores here in Venezuela, and not just recently but from many years ago. There are no doubts about their integrity and their honesty — never, never, there’s nothing. The people don’t believe lies. We won’t stop because of this.

Air Force Colonel Piloted Flores’ Airplane

The private jet that flew Efrain and Francisco Flores to Port-au-Prince, Haiti last week on a drug trafficking mission was piloted by Colonel Pedro Miguel Rodriguez, an active duty member of the Venezuelan Air Force. Rodriguez was previously attached to the air force’s Grupo Areao de Transporte 5 – a transport and reconnaissance unit – although it is unclear if he still serves with that unit.

PSUV National Assembly Candidate Calls Reporter “Prostitute” On Air

Fidel Madroñero, a National Assembly candidate for the PSUV in Zulia’s Circuit 4, was asked by a reporter during an interview yesterday what his thoughts were on the arrest of Cilia Flores’ nephews over their alleged involvement in drug trafficking. In his answer, Madroñero called the reporter “a prostitute”, to which the reporter shot back.

Below, a video of the exchange, along with my translation:

Reporter: There was been no official word on the alleged capture of the nephews of First Lady Cilia Flores. Would you approve of an investigation to find out if these allegations from the United States are true?

Madroñero: That’s like, if I said tomorrow that you’re a prostitute – how can I say that, if I don’t have any evidence?

Reporter: You’re being rude during my interview. You can’t say something like that.

Madroñero: No, no — I’m just giving you an example. It’s like if I said right now, “Look, she’s a lady of the night”, or something like that.

Madroñero is also a host of a television show called Zurda Konducta that airs on the state-owned VTV network.

Maduro Says Supporters Will Be “Fire” On the Streets If PSUV Loses

Speaking on his weekly television show last night, Maduro made some threatening comments to the country’s opposition. On the show, Maduro called on the Venezuelan opposition to start praying for a PSUV victory on December 6, or else the party would “take to the streets” like fire.

Below, a video of Maduro’s comments along with my translation:

Maduro: … if we let them. If they dare to, in that horror movie, we turn off their televisions, and we know how to do that. Those who understand well need few words. Right wing oligarchs: start praying for the revolution to win on December 6. Start praying for peace and calm so that you can be rid of this. And if not, we’ll take to the streets, and we’re like fire [unintelligible] on the streets, you hear? It’s better if we all stay here governing the people happily – pensions for the old folks, homes for the people, public education, and the revolution continues, right? The horror chapter is finished – I’m sorry.

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