The Secretary General of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), Ernesto Samper, confirmed today that the organization’s observer mission will include 50 individuals. The observers are expected to begin arriving in the country in the coming days to “ensure that everything goes well”, Samper said.

He explained:

We come in the hope that in this historic opportunity, [Venezuelans] can resolve and mend their differences. Venezuelans are the ones who should resolve these conflicts, and they have democratic means to do that.

Poll: Opposition Up 35% Over PSUV

The most recent election poll by the Datanalisis firm has the opposition leading the PSUV by 35% just over two weeks away from the December 6 National Assembly elections. The poll found that while 63.2% of voters intend to cast their ballots for an opposition candidate, only 28.2% plan to vote for the PSUV. The same poll found voter intention nearing the 70% mark.

Datanalisis also found that 92% of Venezuelans believe that the country is in “bad or very bad” shape, and that Maduro’s popularity rating is still hovering around the 25% mark.

Luis Vicente Leon, the president of the firm, also said that 70% of Venezuelans do not believe in the government’s “economic war” theory, under which everything wrong with the Venezuelan economy is the fault of foreign and domestic sabotage. On this statistic, Leon said:

it’s the first time that someone has made up a war and lost.

US Apologizes for Air Space Violation

General John Kelly of the United States Southern Command apologized today for an airspace violation that occurred last week after a U.S. airplane flew into Venezuelan territorial waters. On the flight, Kelly said, “we admit it, and we’re sorry”.

According to Kelly, the airplane in question flew for three and a half minutes over Venezuelan waters within twelve miles of the Venezuelan coast while in pursuit of a ship carrying a tonne of cocaine. Kelly appeared to at least partially blame Venezuela for the event, saying:

It’d be better if we had more anti-drug cooperation from Venezuela. We have an incredible amount from almost every country in that region, but there’s a couple with which we don’t.

Kelly also dismissed questions regarding the timing of the aircraft carrier USS George Washington to the region, a fact Venezuelan Minister of Defense Vladimir Padrino Lopez found suspicious given the upcoming December 6 parliamentary elections. Kelly said that the aircraft carrier’s deployment to the region was determined three years ago.

Maduro: US Southern Command “Controls The Whole Plan” Against Venezuela

Speaking during a televised event last night, Maduro said that the US Southern Command is the mastermind organization behind “the whole plan against Venezuela”, one which involves attacking the country’s electrical grid.

Maduro explained that there is an “electric sabotage plan” against the country, and the it will take the shape of widespread blackouts at the date of the National Assembly elections draws closer. Despite the threat, Maduro said that his government continues to work tirelessly to protect Venezuelans from even unseen threats:

You don’t know all of the things we’ve achieved under cover for peace and stability so that you can have it all.

Maduro blamed the US Southern Command for the alleged plan, saying:

This is a plan from the US Southern Command. The Southern Command controls the whole plan against Venezuela. It’s a plan about a war against the homeland, electric war, criminal war, economic war. Our country, in the face of these circumstances, has created a great consciousness that they cannot beat Venezuela, and that Venezuela should fight for her independence, and that Venezuela should preserve peace. And, on December 6, peace wins.

Flores Case Meeting Set For December 2

Efrain and Francisco Flores have been granted and adjournment on a meeting involving their drug trafficking case of two weeks, and has now been set for December 2. The adjournment was requested by Efrain’s lawyer, John Reilly, and agreed to by the Francisco’s lawyer as well as the assistant US attorneys on the case.

Family Confirms Venezuelan Man’s Death in Paris Attacks

The family of Sven Alejandro Perugini – a Venezuelan man who was in attendance at Paris’ Bataclan theater when terrorists attacked in on Saturday – have confirmed that he was among those killed. Sven’s mother, Giovanina Perugini, confirmed the news through her Facebook account.

Perugini said in her post that while her son was no longer with her physically, she would always remember “his smile, his jokes, his optimism and his charisma”.

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